What Sets Us Apart

Helping Patients Look and Feel Better

For 17 years, patients have been coming to see Dr. Jeffrey Kanter for the outstanding care he provides for periodontal (gum) disease and its related issues. With compassionate and experienced hands, Dr. Kanter has been helping patients with periodontal-related ailments look and feel better by providing the gentlest and most efficient periodontal care available. At our practice, patients receive an exceptional level of care and education, and their health and happiness is always our main focus.

Experience, Skill, and Results

Dr. Kanter has been given the Top Periodontist award from Seattle Metropolitan Magazine for the last six years and running. Our patients can expect nothing but the most patient-focused and effective care from Dr. Kanter and his incredible team. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed with your comfort and health foremost in mind because when you’re with us for treatment, we want you to be as relaxed and confident as possible.

Each treatment we provide is fully explained and laid out so that our patients fully understand their condition and are able to make an informed decision regarding their options to treat their unique periodontal case. And even though our practice is limited to specialty periodontics, Dr. Kanter provides a broad perspective into the inter-relationship between periodontics and restorative dentistry by also being specialized in prosthodontics. This ensures that our patients receive a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan so that they can rest assured knowing they are receiving nothing but the best periodontal care available, regardless of how complex their specific case may be.

The Road Starts Here

Under our care, you, your health, and your happiness are our dedication, motivation, and commitment, and we’ll do everything we can to uphold that assurance to you. Don't let periodontal problems affect your life.  Contact our practice to begin the journey to a healthier and happier you. We look forward to helping you look and feel better.

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